More choice for those with Nespresso Machines

nespresso machine compatible

A patent on the Nespresso system expired at the end of 2012, according to Jean-Paul Gaillard, who ran Nespresso from 1988 to 1997.

This means

“A plethora of rival capsules will come out,” said Eric Favre, who created the first version of Nespresso in 1976 and has since left Nestle to set up a competitor.” Bloomberg News

I am sure that some are very sad about this, not Favre, he has set up as competitor but perhaps for those at Nespresso,  but this is good news for the  coffee consumer.  There are lots of  New Zealanders with Nespresso coffee machines and now they have more options about the kind of coffee they can use in their machine :-)

Is it true you can have too much coffee?!?Have you got a Nespresso machine?

You might to consider trying our nespresso compatible coffee: Lino Coffee™ Capsules. Lino coffee is traditionally roasted slow and with a low temperature to ensure the extraction of aromatic notes and to amplify the experience. It’s good coffee and we have a good range.

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